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Todd on canard vibration

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  • Todd on canard vibration

    In response to several owners' questions about canard vibration in climb & cruise...

    There are a couple of things to remember when it
    comes to the canard vibration. Due to the fact that the
    canard is actuated with pushrods (as opposed to control
    cables) there will always be a slight amount of loose
    play in the control mechanism. The bolts that go
    through the rod end bearings must have a little "slop" in
    order to get them installed. While this is not much in
    each rod end there are four rod end bearings between
    the elevator and the control wheel so it adds up a
    little. This means that when you preflight your 260SE a
    little play in the elevator is normal. This play of
    course allows the canard to vibrate slightly in flight.
    It is possible that the rod end bearing can become
    worn and need to be replaced. This will show up in
    more play than is normal and should be watched for.
    Normally these rod end bearing will last for a very, very
    long time. One must also check to make sure
    the canard stabilizer to elevator pivot points are
    tight. Each elevator is attached to the stabilizer with
    two AN3 bolts. These bolts should be snug. If they
    become loose it will also allow for more play than there
    should be. Finally the canard must be properly
    rigged. I can't tell you how many times mechanics in the
    field have called me while rerigging the canard. When
    asked why they are rerigging the system they say "just
    because" at which time I tell them to leave it alone. The
    fact that they know nothing about the system doesn't
    slow them down in the least. An improperly rigged
    canard can also cause excessive vibration. With
    a well maintained and properly rigged canard the
    vibration in level flight should be minimal. At idle, take
    off and climb the vibration is greater due to a
    variety of factors. Sorry to be so late in a
    reply to the question but I have been traveling all
    over the country trying to find those really nice
    182's. Todd
    Kevin Moore
    Former 260se/stol Katmai with BRS owner; planeless for now