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Wren picture needed for free on-line encyclopedia

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  • Wren picture needed for free on-line encyclopedia

    My name is Bob DuHamel and I wrote an article on Wikipedia about the Peterson 260SE and Wren 460. For those of you who don't know, Wikipedia is a massive on-line encyclopedia run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. I am one of thousands of volunteer contributors. The article about the 260SE and Wren is at .

    I need a picture to go with the article. The best picture, I think, would be of a Wren, clearly showing the canard, extended or partially-extended flaps and the spoilers. This picture is perfect (except color would be better) but I can't get permission to use it.

    If anyone has a suitable picture that they would release for use on Wikipedia it would be greatly appreciated. To be useful for Wikipedia the picture should be released under a free-usage license. Wikipedia prefers the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). If you release the picture under this license:
    • You retain the copyright.
    • Anyone may use the picture for any purpose, commercial or non commercial.
    • You must be given credit for the picture under any circumstances that it is used.

    For more information about the GFDL go to

    If you are uneasy with the "for any purpose" clause in the GFDL you can release it with your own restrictions but non-commercial only is not compatible with Wikipedia.

    You can either contact me through this forum or you can e-mail the picture to

    Thank you in advance.

    BTW, any contributions/corrections to the article are welcome.

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    Correction contributions


    I'm afraid I can't help with the photo. However, I noticed you have the 260se with a cruise speed of 175 KTS. Most 260se's I know of cruise at about 150 KTS . Perhaps you meant 175 MPH. Good luck in your quest for the photo.