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Appreciate advice on WRENs

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  • Appreciate advice on WRENs

    Greetings from Idaho! I have been following your site for about a year now, and I appreciate the great advice that you all are sharing with each other.

    I am returning to flying after a 33 year layoff, and I want to purchase an ultrasafe plane to eventually use in the Idaho backcountry with my wife and 2 kids. I wish that I could afford to order up a 260SE from Todd and Jo, but my wife has this strange idea that I should be saving money for my kids college fund!

    As a compromise, she has agreed (reluctantly) to let me spend a more modest ammount on a plane. After researching some options, I see the normal C-182s with lots of STOL mods which are attractive, but as an engineer, I must confess I am very attracted to the canard advantages. Consequently, I am considering a Wren - if I can find the right one. (I have not seen an older 260SEs in the appropriate price range - but I would be interested if there are any (it appears that most people love their 260SEs too much to part with them.)

    I see that Kevin Moore has sold his Wren last year, so I am a little late. I recently talked with Karl Johnstone who had just sold his Wren, and he told me that with the O-520 engine and three-bladed(?)prop that performance was very poor relative to more conventional C-182 STOL mods. Is this because the added front-end weight is not adequately compensated with the canard? Does any one have such experience with the O-520?

    Do any of you know someone who is looking to sell a Wren? I see only one for sale on the internet for 95K - which seems very high relative to Kevin's asking price for his O-520 powered bird

    (I like Sandy's bird in Australia, but I am ruling that one out).

    If I can find an O-470 powered Wren, it there anyone I can hire to perform a good pre-purchase inspection?

    If you can be of any help with any of my questions I would be very grateful!

    Happy Flying!


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    I was in your position almost 4 yrs ago: ready for the safest plane flying, more useful load than the Cardinal, and had to stay in my budget. I have the 230SE and am very happy with the capabilities of my bird(s). You get two birds with the canard .